Legal Technology

We have recruited forensic technology, e-Discovery and data analytics partners and teams for over 10 years. Our clients are the world’s leading financial advisory and law firms, LPO businesses and corporates.

We help specialist legal technology consultancies expand their service suite across the EDRM. For the Big 4 we have hired partners and teams to lead new eDiscovery offerings in new territories, and hired developers and engineers to build new platforms and data centres.

The rise of analytics and eDiscovery services within traditional forensic accounting and investigations professions is a stark symptom of the dramatic shift from beans to bytes in the financial advisory sector. With the technology to manipulate and visualise huge volumes of electronically stored data, firms can identify trends and anomalies without the expense of large pools of legal or accounting staff. For these firms, we hire and advise the experts who possess the vision, commerciality and technical skills to develop and lead these businesses. Then we populate their pyramid with the best technical talent from local and international talent pools.

Banks and multinationals are also discovering that eDiscovery technology and tools, if embedded properly, can ensure faster, smoother, safer data management across the many jurisdictions where they operate. We recruit both for them and for the advisors who serve them.


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330 - 450

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